Monday Morning

Looking forward to tomorrow? Turn around your Monday blues into a sun filled day. Commit to call a friend, visit with a family member, take a walk or try a new recipe. The day begins when you make a commitment to yourself to make someone else happy and share your joy. Let’s make Monday Magic again.

I usually start my day by listening to my favorite song, “Happy”, by Pharrell Williams. No matter how many  aches and pains I have, this fabulous song lifts me up and gets me dancing.  I then feel good about starting some mild exercises that make me move. I replay the song a few times and  feel energized.

I still read the newspaper with my morning coffee and do the crossword puzzles. By challenging myself to complete the crossword every day I have been able to improve my vocabulary as I toggle between the dictionary and thesaurus. It does keep my mind activated. I do recommend Stan Newman’s crosswords for challenge levels and variety.

No Monday would be replete without chatting with friends about the past weekend. Keep in touch and engaged, communicate and share ideas. Along with your morning orange juice speaking with people can put a positive spin on your health.

By planning my day to include a nutritious breakfast, a little music, mind benders and phone calls my Monday begins with a bang!




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