Be a Weekend Warrior!

Welcome! How was your weekend? This is a standard Monday morning greeting around the coffee bar, the diner or at work. Well, how was your weekend? Not just a nonchalant expression but did you give meaning to your weekend? Did you feel good about your day? Did you Pray? Did you call a relative? Did you write a letter? Weekends may be particularly lonely for Senior seniors. As a senior we may not be as spry or mobile as we once were. When our families enjoy weekend activities and we are not included instead of feeling sorry for ourselves let’s reach out and make someone else happy. Pick up the phone and extend yourself. Don’t wait for happiness to come knocking you must take the first step. Be the first to shake someone’s hand or engage in a conversation. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it now and make everyday count. Live, Laugh & Love!
june flowers small


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