Get Connected

I enjoy staying in contact with friends and relatives & today  more than ever we can connect through a myriad amount of devices, Apps & programs. Some of us live great distances from our loved ones yet Facetime and Skype bring us together. Facebook is a wonderful way to communicate and share photos, Pet antics, funny stories, craft projects and recipes. No matter what time of the day or evening someone is always online and willing to chat.

We certainly can’t forget the phone. Again with our new devices we can text, talk, shop, send photos and so many other things I haven’t discovered yet. It’s a mini computer in the palm of your hand.

Many seniors still have not taken the time to learn about these devices. I say don’t wait any longer. You can teach an old dog new tricks. I learned and so can you. There are many ways to become acquainted with the the new phones or Ipads and tablets. The local libraries usually have a tech assistance day or your local community centers and schools will usually have a training class so you can become familiar with the new technology and begin using it.  There’s a big world out there & its time to make it your own.




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