Teeth, TEETH, where did they go?

imageWhat happened to our generation? Where are our teeth?  Many of our neighbors and friends  are lacking a mouth full of teeth.  They are living with no teeth or some teeth.  Why do they not have a smile?  They are ashamed of what they look like. How can you greet your family, grandkids, great grand kids without no teeth? I can tell you why.  Many of our seniors cannot afford the  price of filling their mouths with teeth. They were raising their children and their  families and they put their own health on hold.  Before you know it the teeth were falling out, neglecting themselves. Teeth are an important part of over all health and we need a plan for seniors to regain the teeth they have lost! Famalies need to step up and help the ones who have sacrificed so much for them to put the smile back were it belongs!



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