What are you drinking? Is it water, is it beer, is it vodka or even a special drink? At our age there is no solution to your drinking. Why do you drink the way you do? If you are consuming and must take large amounts of prescribed medication for diabetes, heart problems, blood thinners, pain in your joints or in your back, neck, stomach etc. why hurt your body by drinking? If you are consuming more than you can handle, perhaps it’s hurting more than your body can digest.

Take control of your life!
Start to reduce your intake of drinking. Instead of saying “I need a drink” get a bottle of water. Water is good for your kidneys, brain, and spirit.

Do not drown your sorrows in a habit that’s not good for you. What you once were is not good for your health now. My dear seniors it makes a world of a difference. You should strive to be a happy person in your later years. My message is, find your happiness by living and enjoying the time you have now, as well as taking care of your body! Make pesto sauce with basil… There’s so much life to enjoy and so much living your body can do, so don’t drink!image


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