Foggy Friday or Fantastic Friday

Well what will it be? You are the judge and jury of your life.  You got this far and can still make decisions.  You made many during your life, don’t stop now. Will it be Foggy with hesitation on your part or will it be a Fantastic Friday with a Happy Ending.  You can do it remember ++++++LIVE WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. LAUGH AS YOU DID WHEN YOU WERE A YOUNGSTER, LOVE <HUG YOURSELF  REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTH IT>


Terrific Thursday

Thursday is the day to recap what you haved completed for the week and what has to be finished.  Don’t feel hassled if your to do list is still too long.   It’s Okay.  Don’t let anyone get you into a panic.  Go at your own pace. You are not here to run a marathon. Perhaps I’m not as fast as I used to be, not as sharp as I would like to be. Have patience with me.

Wacky Wednesday


Today I started off walking with wonderful friends around my complex. Meeting and greeting them before 9am! Exercise has a way of bringing people together. Since its wacky Wednesday we put a spin on our walking routine by wearing a wacky hat! It keeps us motivated and laughing throughout the whole morning.
My wacky Wednesday idea for you is to get out more and enjoy the outdoors. This is can be even in small ways like opening up your apartment window or sitting on your porch- Just breathe that fresh air!

Be Wacky … LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE!

Tuesday Tips

Its a gloomy day but inside its warm and cozy. A rainy day has a tendency to make people feel sad (Oh No!).How did I combat the sadness today? I called my friend to see how she is. I told her a few jokes and before I knew it we were laughing and having so much fun.

My Tuesday Tip is to reach out to someone perhaps through an email, call, or in person. Sometimes listening is just the right medicine. Remember that reaching out is a two fold process that helps you and your friend.

Rain makes flowers grow and you will GLOW…if you LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH!phone and umbrella


Monday Morning

Looking forward to tomorrow? Turn around your Monday blues into a sun filled day. Commit to call a friend, visit with a family member, take a walk or try a new recipe. The day begins when you make a commitment to yourself to make someone else happy and share your joy. Let’s make Monday Magic again.

I usually start my day by listening to my favorite song, “Happy”, by Pharrell Williams. No matter how many  aches and pains I have, this fabulous song lifts me up and gets me dancing.  I then feel good about starting some mild exercises that make me move. I replay the song a few times and  feel energized.

I still read the newspaper with my morning coffee and do the crossword puzzles. By challenging myself to complete the crossword every day I have been able to improve my vocabulary as I toggle between the dictionary and thesaurus. It does keep my mind activated. I do recommend Stan Newman’s crosswords for challenge levels and variety.

No Monday would be replete without chatting with friends about the past weekend. Keep in touch and engaged, communicate and share ideas. Along with your morning orange juice speaking with people can put a positive spin on your health.

By planning my day to include a nutritious breakfast, a little music, mind benders and phone calls my Monday begins with a bang!



How to Make a Comeback in your Eighties

Reinventing yourself as an octogenarian or how to find fulfillment as a Senior senior!! We have had careers, families, friends, acquaintances. We have traveled and had businesses and loved a few or many but if we’re lucky to be alive in our eighties we may need to refresh our old selves by taking new paths of discovery and challenges.

Being committed to happiness is one place to start. Learn how to deal with life. Challenge yourself everyday on how to be fruitful, exciting & caring. It’s not the years in your life it’s the Life in your years.  Too often we complain about our position, ailments and the conversation becomes depressing. You do know that Happiness can also be catching. Instead of bemoaning  our fate let’s start by laughing aloud and often.