Are You Updated?

Time to reinvent ourselves. Every few years a new you must emerge. Whether it be a career change, a new relationship or a stylish hairdo a refresh always puts some pep in your step. I liked changing my home décor. I enjoyed decorating to follow the seasonal changes. Putting up a new curtain or planting flowers made me come alive again. It was akin to a rebirth. Remember you arrived here with a myriad of many ideas.  Use your brain and experience to make yourself  YOU.  You still have it in you to become the new you.

LIVE      LOVE     LAUGHupdate


Be a Weekend Warrior!

Welcome! How was your weekend? This is a standard Monday morning greeting around the coffee bar, the diner or at work. Well, how was your weekend? Not just a nonchalant expression but did you give meaning to your weekend? Did you feel good about your day? Did you Pray? Did you call a relative? Did you write a letter? Weekends may be particularly lonely for Senior seniors. As a senior we may not be as spry or mobile as we once were. When our families enjoy weekend activities and we are not included instead of feeling sorry for ourselves let’s reach out and make someone else happy. Pick up the phone and extend yourself. Don’t wait for happiness to come knocking you must take the first step. Be the first to shake someone’s hand or engage in a conversation. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it now and make everyday count. Live, Laugh & Love!
june flowers small

Foggy Friday or Fantastic Friday

Well what will it be? You are the judge and jury of your life.  You got this far and can still make decisions.  You made many during your life, don’t stop now. Will it be Foggy with hesitation on your part or will it be a Fantastic Friday with a Happy Ending.  You can do it remember ++++++LIVE WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. LAUGH AS YOU DID WHEN YOU WERE A YOUNGSTER, LOVE <HUG YOURSELF  REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTH IT>


Terrific Thursday

Thursday is the day to recap what you haved completed for the week and what has to be finished.  Don’t feel hassled if your to do list is still too long.   It’s Okay.  Don’t let anyone get you into a panic.  Go at your own pace. You are not here to run a marathon. Perhaps I’m not as fast as I used to be, not as sharp as I would like to be. Have patience with me.

Wacky Wednesday


Today I started off walking with wonderful friends around my complex. Meeting and greeting them before 9am! Exercise has a way of bringing people together. Since its wacky Wednesday we put a spin on our walking routine by wearing a wacky hat! It keeps us motivated and laughing throughout the whole morning.
My wacky Wednesday idea for you is to get out more and enjoy the outdoors. This is can be even in small ways like opening up your apartment window or sitting on your porch- Just breathe that fresh air!

Be Wacky … LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE!

Tuesday Tips

Its a gloomy day but inside its warm and cozy. A rainy day has a tendency to make people feel sad (Oh No!).How did I combat the sadness today? I called my friend to see how she is. I told her a few jokes and before I knew it we were laughing and having so much fun.

My Tuesday Tip is to reach out to someone perhaps through an email, call, or in person. Sometimes listening is just the right medicine. Remember that reaching out is a two fold process that helps you and your friend.

Rain makes flowers grow and you will GLOW…if you LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH!phone and umbrella